Polished Poised Professional

Colleen Abrie, CDI, Executive Stylist for Success

Polished Poised Professional

Colleen Abrie, Executive Stylist for Success

“I create signature styles to give women a winning edge.”

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Is Your Personal Style helping you engage with others positively?

When you first walk into a conference room, do others look up and take notice? 

Does your audience give you its full attention when you give a presentation? 

How do others on a Zoom call respond to you as you enter the virtual room? 

Whether you're a top corporate executive woman, a successful entrepreneur, or a rising star in the business world, it can be tough to command attention and respect in the work world—especially in industries primarily run by men. 

Now you can do more than even the playing field—you can gain the advantage.

I'm Colleen Abrie, an executive stylist who helps women thrive and achieve their personal goals! I've advised top executives in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, up-and-comers in the entrepreneurial world, small business owners, and more. I've helped them realize their goals—and I can do the same for you.  

How can I help you do this?

I Add a Bit of Glamour to Your Grit. 

When we work together, your personal strengths and goals are translated into an outward expression through my image consulting services. With an expert selection of personal colors, wardrobe, and accessories, I help you create a personal brand image that's authentic, powerful, and engaging. 

Colleen Abrie is a San Francisco Bay Area image consultant who specializes in executive style.

Executive Styling From Head to Toe

Colors That Command

Did you know that wearing specific colors can invite eye contact or create a powerful persona? I'll help you find the right colors to communicate your strength and approachability.


Look Put Together

Invest in yourself and discover coordinated looks that allow you to be intentional while saving time and energy. No matter your age or dress size, you can be stylish, influential and in charge.

Portrait Of A Mature Businesswoman Smiling At The Camera

Authenticity Empowers You

My strategies can help leverage your inherent features to highlight your uniqueness. Nothing pedestrian or copycat, just being the best version of You. Boost your confidence and personal power!

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Carolyn B~ South San Francisco

"Colleen is an incredibly talented stylist that has transformed my personal and professional style to be truly me. My closet has outfits that I love and look fabulous on me in color and style with great accessories. She has helped me fundamentally change my professional image and how people perceive me as a powerful yet likable businesswoman."

Lisa G~ East Bay

"Colleen’s guidance has helped me gain an advantage in my career. 

She has transformed my style to be more polished and powerful, while still true to who I am. Her advice about outfits, accessories and wearing specific colors has given me confidence at work and in life."

Christine F~ Mid-Peninsula

"After working with Colleen, I have discovered a balance between feeling stylish and powerful. As a 5'2" female attorney, she taught me how to show up to play hardball.  I no longer have to think about how I look. I can just focus on what I'm really good at, 

and look great."


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Virtual and In-Person Services

Discover your look of success today!

Colleen Abrie, CDI - Executive Stylist

San Francisco Bay Area

(408) 772-3358

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